To the horse lovers in the Triangle Area, M&L Farm would like to express their sincere condolences to the horse owners and farms who have been affected by the Coronavirus. Some of our local farms are still reeling from being affected by strangles, and now this pandemic has affected all of us and our daily lives. We, as horse owners, need our horses for so many reasons, whether it be for the sheer escape and freedom from everyday life that our horses offer, or the thrill of competition, or just the relaxing ride through the woods that allow us to breathe and get in touch with ourselves through our horses.

Our economy will suffer for an indefinite period due to this outbreak, and we, at M&L Farm, would like to do our part to alleviate some of the suffering and economic hardship that horse owners are facing. From now through December 1st, M&L Farm in Hillsborough, NC will be offering full board of $450 per month. This includes feed (M1 horse feed and orchard grass / fescue hay), stall cleaning, daily turnout, blanketing, indoor and outdoor lighted arena, hot and cold water washrack, and a hack trail. Effective January 1st, full board will increase to $500 per month. While the virus persists, we will do everything possible to disinfect and practice social distancing at the barn. Hand sanitizer will be available, and if you find yourself in quarantine, we will treat your horse as if they were one of our own, providing the best care possible for your horse. We prioritize the safety and happiness of your horse, as well as that of the owners.
If you find yourself in need of cutting costs, please let us know we are trying to do our part to help. Again, it will take time for our economy to recover once this crisis abates. During this time, we wish to assist you of you are in need of top quality care for you and your horse at a reduced price.
M&L hopes this find you healthy and well. Please take this pandemic seriously, and stay away from crowds. Thank the service workers who often work at minimum wage and are still working so you may be fed. Thank the healthcare industry for being the front line to this crisis. Be good to these people – they are often never thanked for their service. To our sister farms, stay healthy and be safe out there. We will get through this. 

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